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SuperReturn China 2013 Flashback


The Fundraising & LP/GP Relations Summit- 23 March 2015

During this in-depth  summit day, attendees learn how to make the most positive impact throughout the fundraising process and what are the keys to success to building successful LP/GP relations.

With 95% of the speakers from the LP community, this is a must-attend day to learn what is on LPs' minds; what their strategy is and what they really look for in due diligence.

Sessions include:

  • How Have Terms & Conditions Evolved Recently In Asia: What Structures Are Optimum & Where Is Flexibility To Be Found For Both LPs and GPs?
  • What Are The Resources & Skill Sets Required For LPs & GPs For A Successful Co-Investment Partnership? How Do They Tackle Governance Issues & How Are Decisions On Key Metrics Made?
  •  What Information Is Critical For International LPs When Investing In China? What Are The Common Deal Breakers & What Will Impress?

Closed Door VIP Sessions

Boardroom Style Interactive Discussion Sessions
These new interactive group discussions promote real debate and take-away learning. They will tackle hot tricky topics and enable free-flow discussion in a small group.

Monday 23 March - Too Hot To Touch

This group will focus on fundraising and investor relations topics focused on What is key to a happy LP/GP Relationship?

Plus! Special guest speaker Professor Tan Kong Yam Professor of Economics, NANYANG TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY will share his latest research into China’s economic outlook and what it means for trade and investing

View The Fundraising & LP GP Relation Summit agenda